About Group Global One

Group Global One is a premier one-stop source who can provide customers

throughout the world with brand name, American made products and services.

As a provider of business services, we will efficiently handle every transaction

from beginning to end, and deliver your order to your complete satisfaction.

With global contacts and sources cultivated over the past 25 years, we’ll match your requirements to the best possible seller for the best possible price.

We offer a huge and diverse spectrum of products, services, technology and equipment.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, please inquire.

Our Mission

To provide continued customer satisfaction by maintaining value driven

and continues positive work of the employees and employers:

      • To work for Greatest Nations in the World and United States of America
      • To provide excellent services for global companies to sell their products abroad.
      • To increase exports in order to provide job and prosperity for the people.
      • To help importers to purchase American product, technology and service by providing excellent service and up to 80% financing from American bank.